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Privacy statement for Reinhartsen Media (Org.no: 915 048 226)
Published: 18.03.19

This privacy statement informs about how the company Reinhartsen Media AS collects and uses personal information. This statement is based on the Data Inspectorate’s bullet list for the preparation of a new privacy statement in accordance with the GDPR.

Managing Director of all personal data in Reinhartsen Media AS is General Manager Nicolay Reinhartsen. The general manager has the daily responsibility for matters relating to privacy and personal information. Email address: nicolay@reinhartsenmedia.com Phone: +47 99 48 41 06

We put privacy high. If you want information about how we use personal data and collect information, this should be readily available so that you at all times have control over how we use this information.

We store this about our customers:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • E-mail address
  • Any agreements / contracts


Therefore, we collect and store this information:

  • To be able to identify you as a customer
  • Invoicing and payment
  • To deliver the agreed service or product
  • Offer products and services
  • Customize products and services to suit your needs
  • Marketing

Who handles / has access to the information provided to us:

  • Employees
  • Any others that you / the customer have given consent to can be shared with
  • In som cases the accountant
  • Reinhartsen Media reserves the right to share data collected in its sister company, Nordic Backyard AS, 925 223 387, with its partners where necessary. A data processor agreement exists between Reinhartsen Media AS and partners to which this applies. This is shown on request.

Email and phone
Communication internally and externally is done through email and telephone as long as this is not done at a personal meeting. Messages that are no longer relevant are the relevant employees themselves responsible for archiving / deleting. If an employee ends, the email account will be terminated, but the contacts and messages of the necessary relevance will be transferred to some of the other employees. A large part of the daily communication takes place by telephone. Phone calls and numbers are not logged, but in some cases the phone number can be stored if it has a purpose for further contact, and that this is natural or agreed upon by the customer.

We want to show great openness about what information we have about you. If you would like to gain insight into this, please contact post@reinhartsenmedia.com or in the contact form on the website (https://reinhartsenmedia.com/kontakt/)

Deletion of data
Reinhartsen Media AS stores your information until the deadline for obsolescence until the product we have delivered has expired. You as a customer / stakeholder have the right to request that all information about you be deleted when the customer relationship is terminated.

Contact form
Through our contact form on the website you are asked to provide your name and email address. This information is not used for any purpose other than following up the inquiry sent. Exceptions to this may occur if the inquiry states that the person wishes further contact through, for example, newsletters or other contacts in future offers of products and services.

By signing up for the newsletter, you agree that your email address will be registered in a list of newsletters. This is only used for sending out newsletters or other relevant information. The customer / stakeholder can unsubscribe at any time by contacting post@reinhartsenmedia.com

Your rights
You as a consumer, customer and stakeholder have the right to rectify, delete or access your personal information. You also have the right to demand limited use of your information, only the most necessary. You can read more about your rights at https://www.datatilsynet.no/rettigheter-and-plikter/den-registrertes- rights/

If you wish to avail yourself of your rights to limitation, deletion, rectification or access, you must contact us in writing. You can do this at post@reinhartsenmedia.com. In connection with privacy, we must respond and redeem within 30 days of receiving the inquiry. In order to fulfill your desire, we must request confirmation of your identity – this is to ensure that we do not provide personal information to the wrong persons and information is lost.

If you have previously given your consent, but wish to withdraw this, you can at any time do so. The easiest is to contact us at post@reinhartsenmedia.com

Information about employees
To be able to process salaries and manage working conditions in general, various personal information about the employees is necessary. The information must be registered to manage payroll, salary level, employment rate, tax rate, tax municipality.
Article 6 (1b) from the Privacy Policy is the basis of treatment for which we base the information. In brief, this tells us that the data processing is necessary to fulfill an agreement between the organization and the employee.
Read more about article 6 here: https://lovdata.no/dokument/NL/lov/2018-06-15-38/KAPITTEL_gdpr-2#KAPITTEL_gdpr-2

Information about job applicants
For any job applicants to the Reinhartsen Media, it is necessary that we process personal data about the applicant. The basis for this is Article 6, no. 1b of the Privacy Policy. In brief, this tells us that the data processing is necessary to fulfill an agreement between the organization and the job seeker.
Read more about article 6 here: https://lovdata.no/dokument/NL/lov/2018-06-15-38/KAPITTEL_gdpr-2#KAPITTEL_gdpr-2 

Errors, shortcomings or deviations?
If you experience errors, deficiencies or discrepancies between what we supply of products / services and our privacy statement, please contact the treatment manager Nicolay Reinhartsen at nicolay@reinhartsenmedia.com.


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